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Pinterest is a visual social media site that has gotten a lot of attention lately. Unlike services like Instagram, Pinterest is not so much about taking photos as displaying and sharing images. So since real estate is a very visual business, what are some of the keys to making Pinterest work for your business?


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1. Pin your shots, but pin others too

Pinterest allows you to create virtual boards of interest to you and others. These can be based on any theme you like. So you could have a board based on real estate, but that is very bland and general. What about a board for your listings, another based around great property photos, and another for great renders or digital artwork. You could even create one on doors, or barns or whatever kinds of real estate features you and you clients might find interesting.

The key though, like other social networks, is to share not just your stuff, but others’ too. You do this by pinning other users’ content onto your board or through Twitter or Facebook. Follow other users doing interesting things – photographers, digital artists, even other real estate professionals (are they really competition if they are in Buffalo and you are in San Diego?). Share widely.



2. Make it easy to pin

People can pin from your boards to theirs, and in so doing spread your images virally. But they can also pin any image on the internet to their board. So make it easy for them to do that. The system credits back to the original source, so you’ll be spreading the love and your brand. You can use buttons and code from the Pinterest site, or if you run your website on a CMS like WordPress you can add Pinterest pin buttons via plugins.


Creative ‘Back to school’ checklist on Mom, Inc.


3. Not just photos

Pinterest is visual, but that doesn’t just mean photos. If you have a property development with some great 3D rendered images, you can pin them. Lots of people create nice graphics of quotes or checklists and pin them. Could you do a nice infographic on the steps to home ownership? Just remember that a bullet point list in Word is not going to get pinned – it needs to be visually appealing, if not stunning. Use a designer to create great graphics.



4. Thinking about your images before you take them

If you are the kind of person who is happy with out of focus photos from a cell phone to sell properties, then Pinterest is not for you. Bad images make you look bad and the property look bad (trust us, this is true everywhere you put them, not just Pinterest, but that’s another blog post). But on Pinterest you want people to share your images. And they won’t bother sharing boring shots. So make your images fantastic. Think about how to make your visuals sharable. Professional shots that show the character of a property, sunsets and night shots, photo-realistic renders, stunning architectural features, or even the strange and bizarre can make for good, sharable, pinable content on Pinterest.

5. Make it interesting

At the risk of sounding repetitive, make your visuals interesting. Even doorknobs can be interesting to some people, if shot right. Don’t just put stuff up for the sake of it. You want people to remember your images, to pin them and repin them. So be interesting.