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Have you every looked at a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster movie and thought If only I had one of those for my property! Whether it’s a new development under construction or a current home in need of some sales glitz, turning your property into a Hollywood trailer is possible – if you follow the tips the Hollywood pros follow.


The picture tells the story of a fast paced city life.

There’s a story there

Even in a short teaser, Hollywood studios tell a story. What’s your property’s story? That might depend on where it is, what kind of space it is and whom you are marketing it to. Is it family oriented or an urban chic? For empty nesters or young hipsters. Residential or commercial? Knowing your target will help you refine your story.


A low angle shot creates a dominating personality for the structure and justifies the design.

Even buildings have character

Every Hollywood movie has characters – and yours is your property and the people who will live or work in it. Think your building can’t be a character? What about New York City in a Woody Allen film? Your property has moods – at different times of day, like sunset or night, the vibe is different than early morning. Shoot your film or animation to your property’s strengths.


The aerial shot covering the sea creates impact and highlights the beautiful location of the property

Fly over me

Those establishing shots sweeping in over water or mountains or even a suburb give a film momentum and create anticipation in the viewer. You can create that same feeling by including fly overs of your property. This is easily achieved the same way many studios do it – using visual effects and animation.


Bedrooms presented in two contrasting styles to reflect the preference of the target market.

Come on in

Showing your interior well is often the key to the sale. You should ensure your interiors mirror your target market and are filmed with them in mind. Are the furnishings lush and classic or clean and contemporary? Is the lighting soft and moody or sun filled? Again, the lighting changes the character of your space. Film at different times or use photo-realistic animations of different times of day.


An example of gentle transitions from one scene to the next – Godrej Gold County, a film by Elemental Crafts.

Cut, pan, cut

The thing that has the most visual impact in a Hollywood movie is the editing. It defines the style of the film and feeling it creates. A bouncing camera and flash cuts, with a lot of short shots creates a frenetic feeling, whereas gentle transitions from one scene to another create a sense of calm. Which style suits your character?


Sounds from the environment help the buyer to visualize better.

Impact is not just visual

When the boy and girl finally come together at the end of the movie, the theater is in tears. But not just because of the story. Because the minor key used in the music emphasizes the emotions on screen. Think of the underwater shots in Jaws, and you’ll hear that music: Baa-dum, Baa-dum. You don’t even need to see the shark to get chills. And so with your film, you create and emphasize an emotional connection through the music and sound. Of course unlike Jaws, showing your property is key, but the sound leaves a lasting impression. Upbeat or slow tempo music creates different feelings, as does the choice of instruments. And sound is more than music: the songs of tweeting birds might create the right mood for a golf development property, but the muted sounds of traffic and parties and the city might be right for an urban apartment development.

Use some of these tricks with your property’s film and you will not only end up with a high quality Hollywood style marketing trailer, but you’ll be making more sales too.