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Are you a feeling like a content and social media marketer who dabbles in real estate on the side? With all the demands of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare and goodness knows what else, actually selling real estate can start to feel like a sideline. So here are some tips for one-person bands – and those in big offices that feel like they are – to keep content fresh but still focus on their business.


Time Your Tweets

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating. Social media and developing blog and other content can be a huge time eater, so focus your efforts and time. If you set aside time every day – 10 to 30 minutes might do – to interact with your social networks, don’t exceed it. Set the timer on your cell phone, or use a kitchen timer if you have to. But focusing your time will get greater results.


Focus On The Ball

When a footballer focuses on body contact rather than the ball he almost always loses the encounter. He might still be on his feet, but if he doesn’t have the ball, what’s the point? Before you start any marketing activity – whether it’s blogging or guest speaking or tweeting, spend time to understand what you actually want to happen as a result of the activity. And no, sell more real estate is not the answer. We’ll take that as a given. But how does the activity push you or your prospect towards that goal? Is your goal of using Facebook to provide open discourse and expert answers to buyer questions (ie be seen as an expert) or is it to drive signups for your email list? Both are worthy goals, but entail different tactics. Know what you want and only do those things that get you there. Don’t wander off reading about Aunt Edie’s cats or blog about real estate building stats if your area has no new construction and lots of young families who are looking for information on school districts. You get the idea.


Bite Off What You Can Chew

You don’t put your advertisement on bus shelters all over the state, just in your local area of business. So why do it online? Trying to hit every social avenue is a recipe for frustration. Sure, if you don’t have an account on one of the major networks you should grab your real estate, but if you don’t have time to do them all well, don’t try. Ask your clients – where do they spend most of their time? Similar people probably spend time there too. Focusing on as little as one network or activity allows you to understand that market and become an expert in working it.


Your Mother Taught You To Share

Don’t think you have to create every piece of content. Curate quality content for your clients. Use Google Alerts, news feeds, readers, RSS or apps like Newsify to collate content. You can also form a blog ring – with real estate colleagues or even those providing ancillary services such as a property lawyer, mortgage broker, or even a general contractor, and share the heaving lifting of content creation.